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How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet

How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet

Accidents happen, and when they do, blood may inconveniently stain your carpet. How you deal with it can determine whether the stain becomes permanent or not. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get blood out of a carpet seamlessly.

Immediate Actions

Cold Water Method:

  1. Blot the fresh stain with a cloth to absorb as much blood as possible.
  2. Pour cold water on the stain and continue blotting.

Salt Paste Method:

  1. Make a paste of salt and cold water.
  2. Apply on the stain and let it dry. Break up the salt crystals and vacuum.

Both methods are effective for fresh stains. But for dried stains, a more intensive approach is required.

Tackling Dried Blood Stains

Hydrogen Peroxide Application:

  1. Apply a small amount on the stain.
  2. Let it fizz and blot after a few minutes.

Enzyme Cleaner Method:

  1. Apply an enzyme cleaner, suitable for carpet DIY cleaning.
  2. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

A Highly Detailed Table about How To Get Blood Out Of a Carpet

Method Fresh/Dried Stain Steps & Materials Needed Result Time
Cold Water Fresh Cold water, cloth Immediate
Salt Paste Fresh Salt, cold water 1 Hour
Hydrogen Peroxide Dried Hydrogen Peroxide 30 Mins
Enzyme Cleaner Dried Enzyme cleaner Depends on Product

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use hot water to clean blood stains?

No, hot water will set the blood stain making it more difficult to remove. Always use cold water.

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for my carpet?

Generally, yes. But always conduct a patch test to ensure it doesn’t bleach your carpet.

Can household items be used to remove blood stains?

Yes. Items like salt and hydrogen peroxide can be used effectively. For more severe stains, consider hiring a best carpet cleaner company.

How often should I clean my carpet professionally?

Professional cleaning is recommended every 12-18 months. Frequent cleaning may be necessary for high traffic areas or if you have pets.


In conclusion, efficiently getting blood out of carpet involves timely and appropriate action, whether using household items or a professional rug cleaning service. For extensive or stubborn stains, seeking professional help is wise. Remember, the longer the stain stays, the tougher it gets to remove it. Contact us today for unmatched carpet cleaning services, ensuring your carpet looks as good as new! Your clean carpet is just a call away.

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