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Professional Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning

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Rugs in our homes or offices give more than just comfort for those who walk but also decorate the area, serve as air filters, protect wood flooring, and sometimes cover imperfections.

However, many homeowners and individuals display zero attention and extra care to rugs leaving them grimy and unsanitary.

Filthy rugs can be a breeding ground for any kinds of bacteria, allergens, dirt, dust, molds, and various bugs.

As a result, it will promote health risks to anyone, especially children and senior citizens.

It’s about time to notice your rugs and give some interest today.

Let’s scrutinize the following ways to clean your favorite rugs:

Vacuum Regularly

The essential step to maintain the cleanliness of the rugs is through a regular vacuum.

It simply removes all the residue and soil that can cause damage to the rug fibers, which gradually results in being useless.

Running a vacuum constantly will retain the soft wool and uncompacted fiber of your carpet.

With a vacuum, sustaining the carpet’s life is possible and one of the best ways to keep the carpet looking good and spotless.

Don’t forget to vacuum the other side of the rug as well.

Dab Not Rub

In case liquid spills on the carpet, instead of rubbing it to carry out the stains, dab it or blot it with a clean towel or white paper towel to transfer the stains to it.

Through blotting, you will avoid spreading the stains even more.

Natural Cleaning Products

Many of us want to use natural products as they are way cheaper, eco-friendly, and harmless to anyone’s health.

Fortunately, natural products are readily available in the comfort of our kitchen.

Baking soda is a popular ingredient in carpet cleaning that cleanses the carpet and absorbs the stubborn foul smell hiding amongst the fibers of the rugs.

Another is the white vinegar that you mix with an equal amount of water and gently sprinkle on the affected area.

Soda or tonic water is also a good alternative for expelling dirt and soaking fresh stains.

Cleaning With Carpet Powder 

This modern technique is a further way of rug cleaning.

Just scatter the powder lavishly on the carpet and let it sit for about 30 minutes, making the stains soft, killing germs, and consuming foul odors.

Leaving it overnight is recommended for best results.

To end, clean it with a vacuum-like you usually do, and then you’re done.

This process is way quicker since you did not incorporate water in this method.

Refurbish With Carpet Shampoo 

Another excellent way of carpet cleaning is using carpet shampoo.

Carpet shampoo brings new life to your dull and threadbare carpet by knocking down unpleasant stains and bacteria.

It perfectly works on messy spills, tough grime, inks, grease, and even wines.

In addition, it produces a variety of smells depending on your options.

Unlike the powder, this method is a bit tiring since rinsing with water is necessary.

You will also need to scrub it with a brush to ensure the stains will disappear.

The drying process will take longer based on size and thickness, and it is essential to dry it thoroughly to avoid mildews and molds.

With the help of sunlight, you’ll get rid of the bacteria while drying your carpet.

Call The Experts 

Undoubtedly, a mess happens.

While carpet is a great way to design your flooring, it is equally important to take care of it properly to avoid health risks and waste money buying rugs.

Regular vacuuming and immediate cleaning are sometimes not enough to clean the fibers’ deep dirt and invisible germs.

A professional rug cleaning is a must from time to time to ensure the quality of the carpets.

Professional rug cleaning helps clean your rugs and provides numerous benefits such as extending the life of carpets, improving airflow and health risk, restoring the original features, and killing germs and grime.

Final Thoughts

Setting carpet on your floor gives your guest welcoming vibes, warmth, and comfort in every step, becoming one of your investments.

Therefore, securing your investment by taking care of it is significant and necessary.

Hiring a professional rug cleaning will save you from all the hassle of cleaning your rugs and guarantee you the best outcome.

Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Brooklyn?

Then look no further than our team at A1 Rug Clean And Repair.

We are a Brooklyn carpet cleaning company ensuring your carpet will be spotless, sanitized, clean, and healthy.

We use innovative methods to tidy your rugs from dirty and tattered to looking new and beautiful.

Contact us today and pervade a new life to your rugs and carpets.

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