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Odor Removal

Odor Removal From Carpets

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At some point, foul odors in homes or buildings are inevitable and ordinary circumstances.

However, it can cause a significant impact on guests in businesses like food restaurants, healthcare premises, commercial establishments, and possibly, personal health.

One of the potential sources of odor is our rugs or carpets that we walk on daily, use to wipe wet areas, and spill many elements.

Aside from that, rugs and floor carpets are usually porous, absorbing water and odor.

Let’s enumerate how to remove the odor in our rugs and carpets.

The Power Of Baking Soda

Without a doubt, baking soda is a popular home remedy and a constant top recommendation.

It is a budget-friendly, proven, and tested odor absorber, always readily available in the market, not to mention all-natural ingredients.

Deodorizing is one of the benefits of baking soda; only pour the latter into your rugs and carpets, let it sit for about thirty minutes, and then vacuum it as you usually would.

Baking soda goes beneath the carpet or rug to absorb moisture and eradicates the smell of your unpleasant rugs and carpets.

For best results, you can leave the baking soda overnight.

You’ll notice that the odor will lessen or be absorbed, but if the smell remains, you are always free to repeat the entire process as often as necessary.

Not only that, but baking soda is also an effective and the best ingredient in any homemade rug and carpet cleaning solution.

It is an alkaline product that creates carbon dioxide perfect for rug cleaning and odor removal using the natural process without harming human health.

The Use of White Vinegar

The vinegar is the most natural air freshener, inexpensive, safe to apply, and contains antibacterial attributes.

Vinegar is an efficient odor removal because its powerful acidity counters the gross smell and fights germs; plus, it’s an eco-friendly solution.

Vinegar can eliminate the foul odor and be a carpet cleaning or rug cleaning mixture by combining equal amounts of water and vinegar in your spray bottle first.

Next, mist the mixture all over the carpet or rug and let it settle for a few hours before rinsing with clean water.

You can also rub it off using a white cloth or paper towel to remove stains.

Then, let it dry thoroughly.

You can perform this process multiple times to remove the odor to the core.

Clean with Shampoo or Dish Soap

Buying expensive or branded carpet cleaning is unnecessary since we all probably have dish soap or shampoo in our household.

Those two options will do the trick.

The first step when cleaning the rug or carpet is to cleanse the surface and remove any dirt and debris using the broom or vacuum.

Second, mix the water with a small portion of shampoo or dish soap in a small bucket.

Pour the mixture into a rug or carpet and leave it for approximately 10 or 20 minutes.

After leaving it, gently rub it off until you notice the removal of stains and, most likely, the odor.

Lastly, wash it entirely with plain water until the water becomes clear and there is no evidence of soap or bubbles.

If by chance, dry it entirely through sun rays to exterminate more bacterial odor, and mildew smells from the wool of rugs.

Direct exposure to sunlight is the most economical, resourceful, and gentle method to extinguish fungus and awful smell in any cloth, likewise in carpets and rugs.

Don’t forget to flip the backside of the carpet to expose it to the sunshine.

Essential Oil Is Essential

Using essential oil to replace harmful chemicals and any unnatural household solutions for cleaning includes many advantages.

Such as an effective way to kill germs and viruses, containing natural ingredients made by professionals, keeping your air fresh with no impurities, and most importantly, it neutralizes carpet odor.

The rug cleaning process with essential oil is similar to the method of using soap or shampoo.

Moreover, essential oils produce an aromatic scent that helps the whole household smell fresh and odor-free.

The Rug Still Stinks? Ditch It With The Experts!

We understand that the job looks simple, yet it’s time-consuming.

A1 Rug and Clean Repair is a Brooklyn carpet cleaning company that helps you furbish your favorite rugs and carpets along with high-level cleaning equipment.

Our professional staff is trained and skilled in removing dirt, abolishing the awful odor, and killing the bacteria, allergens, molds, and stains in your carpets.

We are one call away if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Brooklyn.

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